About Us

Food & Nutrition Specialists is the first private nutrition consultancy company established in Singapore in 1989.

We have a team of professional experts in the field of nutrition, food science and health promotion who provide a wide range of consultancy services to our corporate and consumer clients.

Our technical team comprises dietitians, nutritionists, food scientists and health promotion experts who are members of the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association, the Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology, the American Dietetic Association, and The Nutrition Society UK.

Updates : Taking a Fresh Approach to Nutrition

As leaders in our field, we are constantly looking ahead beyond the next curve. So we've set ourselves the new challenge of taking a fresh approach to sharing our passion for food and nutrition.

In 2008, we completed a restructuring of our new business into 2 divisions:

Food & Nutrition Consultants, focusing on food and nutrition consultancy and communications for our corporate clients, as well as clinical dietetic consultancy for our patients and clients in the healthcare industry. read more »

The Nutrition Place, our new education and training centre that will offer nutrition and healthy lifestyle courses and programs for consumers, in addition to workshops and courses for professionals in the food, health and wellness industries. Visit the website here »

Contact Us

18 Mohamed Sultan Road #03-01, Singapore 238967
Tel: 6255 8023 Fax: 6255 8067 Email: fdnuts@foodnutrition.com.sg
Web: www.foodnutrition.com.sg

Food and Nutrition Consultancy

Working with international, regional and local companies in the food, health and wellness industries, we offer :

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Scientific Consultancy
  • Regulatory Consultancy

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Food and Nutrition Communications

Our expertise is in translating the latest food and health trends, as well as credible nutrition science and research findings, into effective communication strategies and tools that impact key target groups.

We are able to provide services in:

  • Consumer and market research
  • Nutrition and health-focused communications and marketing strategies
  • Development of communications collaterals
  • Review and evaluation of communications strategies

Through these wide-ranging services, we strive to assist our clients in the food, health and wellness industries to:

  • Increase their market share and profits
  • Benefit from new market opportunities,
  • Enhance consumer trust and brand loyalty, and
  • Respond effectively to consumer health concerns.

Clinical Dietetic Consultancy

With fast-paced changes in lifestyles and the social environment, many population groups are experiencing rising prevalence of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Food & Nutrition Consultants' team of dedicated dietitians are committed to providing comprehensive care, including:

  • Dietary counseling and advice to patients, their families and care-givers
  • Customized meal planning to ensure nutritional needs of our patients are met
  • Development of educational and resource materials for our patients
  • Development of programs and interactive activities as part of patient education and care.

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